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Located in Embrun, and travels to Ottawa & Russell, ON


About Carolyn

I am the mother of three daughters, three sons, three sons-in-law, and grandmother of 14 beautiful children. I bring to my ABM NeuroMovement® practice 37 years of dedicated parenting experience, 40 years as a private piano teacher, and 20 years as a Music for Young Children teacher and studio owner. 

My interest in ABM NeuroMovement® stems from a lifelong interest in natural and holistic health. Reading Anat Baniel’s book, 'Move Into Life', introduced me to the field of neuroplasticity and ignited a passion for learning about the brain’s power to change and develop throughout life.


Through attending various Transformational Movement Lessons (TML), workshops, and individual hands-on lessons (Functional Synthesis or FS), I experienced firsthand the powerful effects of this method. It had a deep impact on me and I knew I wanted to share it with others.


I am currently training as an ABM NeuroMovement® Professional Practitioner and am thrilled to be part of a vibrant team of fellow movement educators. I am dedicated to lifelong learning and look forward to continuing my studies while helping others unlock potential and embrace vitality.


ABM Certified NeuroMovement® Transformational Movement Lesson Teacher

ABM Certified NeuroMovement® Practitioner (in training)

Certified Bowen Therapeutic Technique Practitioner
Trained Musician and Piano Teacher
Certified Music for Young Children Teacher


45 Minute Group ABM Session Online

for Adults

Group ABM class for adults for a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour - this class is given online via Zoom.

$15 per class

45 Minute 

Individual Online ABM Movement Lesson for Adults

individual ABM class for adults for a duration of 45 minutes - this class is given online via Zoom.

$30 per lesson

30 Minute Individual ABM Lesson

One on one lesson with an adult for a duration of 30 minutes in person.

$50 per lesson

45 Minute Group ABM Sessions Online

for Adults Bundle

6 Group online ABM classes for adults for a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour - these classes are given online via Zoom.

$75 bundle (15% off)

45 Minute Individual ABM Lesson

One on one lesson with an adult for a duration of 45 minutes in person.

$70 per lesson

30 Minute Individual Music Coaching

30  minute Music-Practice Coaching using ABM Principles and the Nine Essentials.

$50 per session


- August 27th - Attune through movement 10am (ENG) ; s’écouter par le mouvement 1pm (FR)

- September 3rd - Dynamic sitting 10am (ENG);

Assise dynamique 1pm (FR)

- September 10 - Healthy Backs 10am (ENG);

Dos en santé 1pm (FR)

- September 17 - Healthy Backs 2 10am (ENG);

Dos en santé 2 1pm (FR)

- September 24 - Calm through the storm 10am (ENG); 

le calme à travers la tempête 1pm (FR)

Smiling young man and two women using ta
Holistic, functional, mindful movement engages the natural plasticity of the brain to enhance physical, emotional and cognitive well-being.

Increase vitality

Overcome aches and pains

Improve strength & flexibility

Sharpen awareness & thinking

Relieve anxiety

Improve sleep

Discover ease of movement

From November 3 to December 10

Tuesdays @ 9am


Thursdays @ 7:30pm

What Carolyn's Clients are Saying

Vitality concept_ Silhouette of happy wo

"Thanks again Carolyn! I think you may help to get me through the COVID winter that lies ahead! My back and even my pelvic floor seemed to benefit. My lower back was actually in pain when I first lay down on the floor at the start of the class. By the end, I felt no pain".

Shelly, Ottawa - ON

"My 3 year old started complaining of a soar neck after a day full of activity outside.  She had fallen a couple of times throughout the day, but had seemed fine at the time.  That evening she began to complain of a sore neck.  She began to cry, saying it really hurt.  We tried to soothe the muscles in her neck with essential oils and a heating pad, but these had little effect. In hopes that sleep would help, we decided to give her some children’s Tylenol.  The next morning she was in pain again.  I thought of calling a chiropractor, but it was a Saturday.  My husband suggested calling Carolyn, pointing out that her gentle methods would likely go over better with our little one.  


Carolyn came over to give our daughter a treatment.  Our little girl was relaxed the whole time.  By the end, was pain free, and has been ever since.  


We highly recommend Carolyn! Thank you for sharing your skills and gifts with us once again!”

Meghann, Russell - ON

Vitality concept_ Silhouette of happy wo

"Dear Carolyn,


Thank you for the amazing session. I must say I had no idea what to expect, and I was surprised at how incredible I felt afterwards. At the beginning of the session, when you asked us to scan our bodies, I distinctly felt my left side was longer than my right side. Very unbalanced. After the session, I felt more aligned, less tense and calm and relaxed. Describing it to My husband, I said it felt like a combination of a good massage/acupuncture/chiropractic session mixed in with meditation.


I appreciate you including me. I will definitely join again.”

Suman, Russell - ON

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