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Next Montreal Intensive Dates:
February 20-22, 2020 - Pointe-Claire (Full)
March 2-8, 2020 - Jean-Talon (Full)
April 16-18, 2020 - Pointe-Claire (Full)
May 11-17, 2020 - Jean-Talon
June 11-13, 2020 - Pointe-Claire
July 6-12, 2020 - Jean-Talon

About Christine

I am fully bilingual (French and English) and have been a business professional for over 10 years, working in various roles across different organizations. Success in the workplace has always come easy for me, being easily adaptable and a strong leader in fostering change and transformation.

In 2014, I gave birth to Gabriela. After months of trying to find out why Gabi wasn’t developing like other children, a genetic test confirmed that she had a rare genetic disorder called Rett Syndrome. After much reflection and inner growth, I realized that Gabi’s birth was the greatest blessing and gift I could have experienced in this life. Gabi taught me to live one day at a time, to enjoy the moment, and most of all she opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, permanently changing my view of what was the meaning of life.  

I was determined to help Gabi reach her full potential and spent months researching and trying alternative methods, travelling to various cities across the US and Canada. I read extensively about nutrition, supplements, natural remedies and so forth. I was on a mission.

When Gabi was one and a half, I was lucky to discover the Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) Neuromovement®. ABM Neuromovement® had such a beautiful impact on Gabi’s development, both from a physical and cognitive perspective. Tremendous progress was made immediately after beginning treatments, and after 9 months of lessons, I decided to enroll to become an ABM Neuromovement® practitioner to have the ability to help Gabi myself. The work fascinated me. I experienced incredible change going through the training and decided I wanted to help others improve their physical, cognitive, and emotional well being. I fell in love with the idea that I would have the opportunity to connect with and help other angels like Gabi on a daily basis.

Today, I am a certified Anat Baniel Method® Neuromovement® practitioner, and continue to pursue education and refinement through mastery trainings and mentorship programs. I love travelling and am open to offering lessons in other locations.


ABM Certified NeuroMovement® Practitioner

ABM NeuroMovement® for Children Practitioner

ABM NeuroMovement® for Anti-Aging and Vitality Practitioner

ABM NeuroMovement® for High Performers Practitioner

Certified Reiki Master

Psycho-Bio Acupressure - Level 1

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45 Minute Individual ABM Lesson

One on one lesson with a child or adult for a duration of 45 minutes.


45 Minute Group ABM Session

Group ABM class for adults for a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour.

$90 for 6

30 Minute Individual ABM Lesson

One on one lesson with a child or adult for a duration of 30 minutes.


What Christine's Clients are Saying

Infant with Cerebral Palsy

We turned to ABM and Christine in hopes of it helping our daughter Luna be the best version of herself as she lives with cerebral palsy. After only a few sessions, her alertness, enhanced posture and improved range of motion were noticeable to all, including family and doctors. Christine is patient, caring and passionate. You can truly see the love she has for these kids and the urgency to help them. Following Anat’s techniques she truly helped our daughter achieve new goals we had been working on for weeks. Her ability to be guided by the child, using ABM to awaken parts of our daughter's brain was not only fascinating but miraculous. She often told us Luna has an “amazing brain” with such excitement. At first, we were taken back, as parents of a child with severe brain damage, “amazing brain” is not something that crosses our mind when describing our daughter but as she would move Luna, limb by limb, vertebrae by vertebrae, her body responded, and with Christine’s guidance her abilities improved. Our views on our daughters' brain damage has changed. She indeed has an “amazing brain” and we will keep learning new skills and push neuroplasticity through ABM. We are forever grateful to Christine for our sessions and hope she can use her technique,  compassion and skill to aide as many children and adults with special needs.


Melissa & Corey

3 year old with spastic Cerebral Palsy

In just a short amount of time, it was clear that Christine's work was effectively decreasing my son`s high muscle tone caused by cerebral palsy. This provided him with much more freedom in his movements and much more freedom to explore movement possibilities. We frequently see him ''do something new'' and gain in his gross motor skills following ABM lessons.
Christine`s ability to connect with the children she works with is remarkable. In just two short series of lessons, my son developed a bond with her and is extremely fond of her. We have now been seeing Christine L'Abbé for over a year and they continue to have a lovely, trusting, warm relationship. It is beautiful to see my son have such a beautiful relationship with someone who is helping him make connections with what his body can do. Christine L'Abbé is a calm, kind and compassionate soul and a very competent practitioner and we are very lucky to have her in Ottawa. I encourage anyone who has a child with special needs, a loved one who is recovering from a neuromuscular disorder or anyone who just wants a better mind body connection to see Christine and discover the ABM method.



3 year old with severe spasticity/dystonia

Christine came to Kingston and worked with my daughter for four days 2 sessions a day... am absolutely amazed at the connection she had with my daughter, Faith will let you know if she likes you or not. She loved Christine .. since Faith's surgery and cardiac arrests we have never seen her move so much with so much range of motion than we did in the past four days 00, Faith is usually very high tone (high spasticity and dystonia ) We definitely can not wait to work with her again and am so excited to she how far she comes with her... I would definitely recommend this approach after what we witnessed as opposed to daily forced exercises with your child. so happy we found her.


7 year old with fine motor delays and difficulties with attention/focus 

Emma loved each class.


With Christine’s guidance and help, she succeeded to accomplish the exercices. She certainly felt the affectionate, so encouraging and positive approach and energy that Christine emanated all the time during our sessions.

I think that Christine, with her knowledge, professionalism, kindness and humanity is one of these “angels who may be on a mission on earth” to help others and bring so much light and hope for new possibilities in the family’s life for their “different” child.

Christine simply embraces the child as the child is. It is so uplifting for a parent to see that a therapist is also capable of putting the similar amount of believe in this child as we have in our motherly heart and that we are not alone in that.


Ottawa Address:

1390 Prince of Wales, Suite 502

Ottawa, Ontario

Montreal Address #1:

5000 Rue Jean-Talon O., Suite 280

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal Address #2:

15 Avenue Cartier, Suite 4,

Pointe-Claire, Quebec

Christine was featured in a recent interview with Global News Edmonton on "How to Talk to Your Kids About Differences and Disabilities".

Here's an extra passage on the message she was trying to communicate:


"I would add to this and say that l believe it's important to celebrate differences, not just notice them. It's often what makes us different that helps us tap into what is unique within us.


When I speak of gifts in this segment, I speak of something you're good at, or comes naturally to you. Something that you've developed perhaps more than others, that you just get. This could be in art, music, sport, academia, but it can also be mindfulness/presence, intuition, emotional intelligence, ability to see more than what meets the eye, and so forth. 


My daughter with special needs is one of the only 5 year old's I know that can sit outside quietly, enjoying the trees move, listening to the birds chirp, feeling the wind blowing in her face with absolute delight. Talk about enjoying the little things.


Here's another example - a child with dyslexia may develop immense empathy and compassion as a result of her challenges, serving her in the future in building better relationships and leading successful teams who work together and support each other.


The same applies to the sibling of a child with special needs - they have an opportunity to develop so many amazing qualities as a result of growing up with a brother or sister with special needs. Inclusion, empathy, compassion, kindness, the ability to notice qualities in others that sometimes are not so apparent at first glance, the ability to tune in to their siblings needs because they often don't communicate the same way.


Imagine how much these qualities could serve all our kids later in life.  


I have the privilege to work with multiple children with special needs daily, and these children are beautiful, bright, full of love and kindness. They light up my day. Couldn't we all learn a little from them? I certainly do.


The point is that if we just expanded our view of what is a quality in a person, a gift, perhaps those with special needs wouldn't be viewed as non-equals quite as much."

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