Group Transformational Movement  Lessons

Our Transformational Movement Lessons are verbally guided and begin in sitting, standing or lying on a  mat. The purpose of the lesson is for you to become more aware of yourself, how you move, how you approach new scenarios, and how you deal with challenges. 

No visual demonstration is offered as this would distract you from focusing on yourself. There is no correct or incorrect way to proceed through the lesson. Instead there are boundaries and intentions that you may be redirected to if you wander far from the intended movement.

There is no stretching or straining in these lessons. Instead you will be guided and be made aware of areas of your body that are limiting you or not participating in a movement. By exploring variations, new neural pathways are formed (or old ones are woken up) leading to an improvement in the original movement.

How can you expect to feel?

Through these movement lessons, students often find easier and more efficient ways to move. This grace often transfers through to emotional, cognitive and creative shifts. Learning is primarily integrated through familiarity, as such you are strongly encouraged to attend several classes to change habitual patterns and continue your movement education.

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Or, try a sample movement exercise:

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