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Originally from the U.S., I moved to Montreal to further pursue my career as a professional dancer. After the birth of my son, I retired from my 13 year long career to become a stay-at-home mom. I later found work as a freelance copywriter and part-time dance teacher.


By the time my son was in second grade, it became apparent that he was having difficulty at school. His learning challenges and eventual dyslexia diagnosis sent me on a path to discover ways to find healing so he could live up to the full potential I knew in my heart was inside him. While some modalities we tried were helpful, others I found lacked empathy and were ultimately ineffective. The Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) NeuroMovement® offered a more humane and promising path forward for us. After a few months of ABM, my son had made significant progress not only in his school work but in his overall demeanor.


I had begun to realize how very much needed awareness of this work is, not only locally but across the globe. My background in dance seemed a perfect fit with ABM’s use of movement to wake up and rewire the brain. Looking for a new path forward for myself, I made the decision to pursue my ABM certification so I could help other children with special needs and their parents. 


After starting my training, I soon experienced firsthand the power of this work. Not only have old pain and injuries begun to heal, ABM has empowered me both emotionally and cognitively. Currently certified to work with adults, I plan to continue my training to become a pediatric ABM practitioner in the future.


BS in Dance & English Literature

ABM Certified NeuroMovement® Transformational Movement Lesson Teacher

ABM Certified NeuroMovement® Practitioner (in training)


45 Minute Group ABM Session Online

for Adults

Group ABM class for adults for a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour - this class is given online via Zoom.

$15 per class

45 Minute 

Individual Online ABM Movement Lesson for Adults

individual ABM class for adults for a duration of 45 minutes - this class is given online via Zoom.

$30 per lesson

30 Minute Individual ABM Lesson

One on one lesson with an adult for a duration of 30 minutes in person.

$50 per lesson

45 Minute Group ABM Sessions Online

for Adults Bundle

6 Group online ABM classes for adults for a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour - these classes are given online via Zoom.

$75 bundle (15% off)

45 Minute Individual ABM Lesson

One on one lesson with an adult for a duration of 45 minutes in person.

$70 per lesson


- August 27th - Attune through movement 10am (ENG) ; s’écouter par le mouvement 1pm (FR)

- September 3rd - Dynamic sitting 10am (ENG);

Assise dynamique 1pm (FR)

- September 10 - Healthy Backs 10am (ENG);

Dos en santé 1pm (FR)

- September 17 - Healthy Backs 2 10am (ENG);

Dos en santé 2 1pm (FR)

- September 24 - Calm through the storm 10am (ENG); 

le calme à travers la tempête 1pm (FR)

Smiling young man and two women using ta
Holistic, functional, mindful movement engages the natural plasticity of the brain to enhance physical, emotional and cognitive well-being.

Increase vitality

Overcome aches and pains

Improve strength & flexibility

Sharpen awareness & thinking

Relieve anxiety

Improve sleep

Discover ease of movement

Starting November 19!

Mondays @ 11am

Tuesdays @ 7pm

What Heidi's Clients are Saying

"Heidi's ABMNM Transformational Movement class was an adjustment for me, as I am used to pushing myself in yoga and stretching, sometimes to injury. She guides you through the concept of small movements, and reminds you if you're going too far or fast. My sciatica is gone after 3 classes, and my hips feel even for the first time in years. A lot of the tension related to clenching my jaw and computer posture has really been reduced. I'm moving easier, not overcompensating, and I'm pleasantly surprised when I'm anticipating pain and it's not there!"

Linda, Montreal - QC

"Heidi is a truly gifted teacher of movement and somatic body experience. Her lessons she presents are skillfully communicated through space and time to establish unity within our own bodies as well as community with each other!”


Keri, Montreal - QC

A woman is sitting at ease by the lake d

"After Heidi’s class last night I had the best night’s sleep in months!

Thank you Heidi!   I look forward to more classes!”


Judy, Montreal - QC

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