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I live in Southeast Manitoba with my husband and four children. I’m excited to bring the work of the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® to our region; my family and I have already gained much by finding ABM and it is very rewarding work.

I graduated with a degree in physiotherapy in 2004, and practiced in public health care until 2013. I had often wished that I could do more for the patients and clients under my care and I feel that ABM is the best way to do this. The ABM philosophy of connecting and working with my client’s neurological system instead of trying to force outcomes is exactly what was missing.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. I chose to leave my physiotherapy career behind and focus on my health and the health of my family. It was also during this time that four of the six of us were diagnosed with various tick-borne illnesses. It was an incredibly difficult journey, but it drove me to research holistic healing alternatives.

This journey eventually led to experiencing ABM. I loved how I felt after a session and I began moving in new, easier ways. Around this time three members of our family were diagnosed with ADHD. Through ABM we found a new way to bring healing and functioning to our family that traditional ADHD treatment lacked. I noticed improvements in their focus, clarity of mind, and increased spatial awareness.

Once I regained my health I decided that I needed to sign up for the practitioner training program. This past year our family has experienced major change and intense challenges. Through the ABM training process, I developed greater resilience of spirit and body that gave me the emotional and physical strength I needed to navigate these challenges.

I am running Functional Synthesis lessons in my home near Kleefeld, and can travel throughout Southeastern Manitoba to your home. I will also hold online group lessons via Zoom.


Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

ABM Certified NeuroMovement® Transformational Movement Lesson Teacher

ABM Certified NeuroMovement® Practitioner (in training)


45 Minute Group ABM Session Online

for Adults

Group ABM class for adults for a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour - this class is given online via Zoom.

$15 per class

45 Minute 

Individual Online ABM Movement Lesson for Adults

individual ABM class for adults for a duration of 45 minutes - this class is given online via Zoom.

$30 per lesson

30 Minute Individual ABM Lesson

One on one lesson with an adult for a duration of 30 minutes in person.

$50 per lesson

45 Minute Group ABM Sessions Online

for Adults Bundle

4 Group online ABM classes for adults for a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour - these classes are given online via Zoom.

$50 bundle (15% off)

45 Minute Individual ABM Lesson

One on one lesson with an adult for a duration of 45 minutes in person.

$70 per lesson


- August 27th - Attune through movement 10am (ENG) ; s’écouter par le mouvement 1pm (FR)

- September 3rd - Dynamic sitting 10am (ENG);

Assise dynamique 1pm (FR)

- September 10 - Healthy Backs 10am (ENG);

Dos en santé 1pm (FR)

- September 17 - Healthy Backs 2 10am (ENG);

Dos en santé 2 1pm (FR)

- September 24 - Calm through the storm 10am (ENG); 

le calme à travers la tempête 1pm (FR)

Smiling young man and two women using ta
Holistic, functional, mindful movement engages the natural plasticity of the brain to enhance physical, emotional and cognitive well-being.

Increase vitality

Overcome aches and pains

Improve strength & flexibility

Sharpen awareness & thinking

Relieve anxiety

Improve sleep

Discover ease of movement

From November 19 to December 10

Thursdays @ 9:30pm EST (8:30pm Central) 

What Carolyn's Clients are Saying

Vitality concept_ Silhouette of happy wo

I met Laura Friesen purely by accident, and I'm so happy I did! 


I'd only recently even heard of the benefits of NeuroMovement, and Laura was so warm and knowledgeable, that I was excited to see if it helped some long term issues I'd had with the right side of my body.                               


Laura was amazing! I felt as light as a feather when she had finished. The real surprise came later that day when I'd returned home. I'd completely forgotten that I never swing my right arm while walking. Only my left. I laughed out loud when I suddenly realized both arms were swinging as I walked!           


I highly recommend Laura for her peaceful and competent manner, and especially for her expertise. She is a gift!

Denise, Parksville - BC

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