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Located in Cumberland, BC, and travels to Victoria, BC


About Michelle

Healing through movement is Michelle’s passion turned career. She has years of experience as a Registered Nurse and Kinesiologist. In addition to welcoming three of her own children into her active life, she opened her own Pre and Postnatal Fitness business.


In 2017, she became a certified Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) Neuromovement® practitioner.  Michelle’s original focus was helping postpartum women improve their body awareness, decrease symptoms of incontinence, eliminate pelvic pain or instability, by introducing them to the Hypopressives technique, and by teaching them to improve their movement patterns. She has now expanded her practice to include students who are suffering from pain, recovering from injuries, struggling with a limiting diagnosis, athletes, and others who are proactively looking for easier and more efficient ways to move.


Until March 2018, while completing the advanced ABM Neuromovement® training to work with children with special needs (physical or cognitive), she is providing movement lessons to pediatric clients at no charge. She continues to study by pursuing various Kinesiology, Postpartum fitness and ABM Neuromovement® courses.


When she is not working, Michelle can be found running, mountain biking, and swimming both competitively and for leisure. Michelle sees clients in person and online from her home base in Victoria, BC. She offers lessons on Hornby Island in the summer and is often traveling across British Columbia throughout the year. She loves to travel and is open to lesson requests around the globe.  


What Michelle's Clients are Saying

Chronic Pain

My wife recommended I go see Michelle  for a number of chronic injuries that I have been struggling to manage.
Michelle put me at ease instantly, and thoroughly explained how she approaches healing and gained my trust within minutes.
Results were slow to come, but she stressed patience and doing less where I had always tried to do more. 
It has been 5 weeks since my last session with her, and I am now seeing the results she told me would come... patience, persistence and focus have allowed me to find a better way to move... I am enjoying continuing to implement what she was able to teach me in only a few visits.
Thanks Michelle, it has been a real pleasure to work with you.


Reoccurring Neck Pain

I had no idea what ABM was until I met Michelle.  I have reoccurring neck pain. It's usually triggered by stress and it manifests itself in incredible pain that radiates from between my shoulder blades through my upper neck and usually leads to a migraine that can take up to a week to settle down, and required time off work and bed rest.  Up until now my only relief came from chiropractic adjustments which involved aggressive deep tissue manipulation followed by an aggressive adjustment.  I will admit that it would eventually heal but it would take a minimum of 4 days for the pain to subside.  I was pleasantly surprised when I first went to Michelle with this issue, she was very gentle, they were small micro movements that brought incredible awareness to how I was moving and where I was blocked.  It was these tiny gentle movements that brought almost instant relief, and by the next morning the pain and tension were distant memories.  Michelle has a very calm and gentle way of discovering the blockage that is causing pain and a very natural approach to bringing awareness to the body while it makes new connections and finds freedom in movement.  Whenever I have been to see Michelle I am always left feeling lighter and my body seems to move with greater ease.  I will continue to see Michelle and would recommend this practice to anyone, as I believe every body can benefit from ABM.


Child Birth Recovery

I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle in my pursuit to better health after the birth of my second child.  
I initially became connected with her as a way to kick start my fitness goals. She introduced me to the world of hypopressives followed by her work as an ABM practitioner which I found to be quite miraculous. Michelle is easy going, friendly and is always committed to supporting and assisting her clients to a higher level of wellbeing. Michelle is inspiring to me in the way that she is always searching for other ways to help people when the traditional methods fall short. If you get a chance to work with her, you won't look back. I highly recommend her group FS classes.


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